_ Membership: SCSA SwissCham Southern Africa

Benefits to be with SCSA

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Joining SCSA – a membership with many benefits

Types of membership, specially tailored to your needs:

You can join the SCSA either as an individual member, a company or as a patron member. Note, that your membership will entitle you to attend a limited number of SCSA-events free of charge.
Coorporation membership... CHF 500 up to CHF 2'500 per year*
Patron membership... CHF 5'000 per year
Individual membership... CHF 300 per year
* depending on nr of employees

Get a membership as a...

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Individual member

for 1 person, nontransferable


Patronate member

for 1 person, transferable up to 5 persons
at convenience


Corporate member

for up to 3 persons, nontransferable