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Facts and Insights, July 2016


Thomas C. Hippele, President of the South African Chapter of SCSA:
Some Insights out of the presentation held at the July-Luncheon

The economy in South Africa is not great at this stage

Apart from some unfortunate policies on which the Government has ventured, the general state of the world economy, the already mentioned diminished appetite of investors to engage in emerging markets and a high level of corrution have done their fair share to bring about this situation, paired with a perception outside South Africa that the Government of the country is more engaged in ruling party internal rivalry, securing voters and matters of personal interest rather than formulating and firmly implementing positive and credible strategies towards improvement.

BUT... South Africans are innovative and entrepreneurial people. There is, especially in amongst the younger people, a strong wish towards independence in the sense of self-employment and having one’s own business.

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Newsletter, January 2016

Swiss companies in South Africa facing a more difficult period:
There has been no better time to stress the economic relations between South Africa and Switzerland than during these days.